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Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India !

Get Our Healthy And Quality Approved Edible Oil At Right Prices like Refined Groundnut Oil, Refined Rice Bran Oiles, Rice Bran Health Oil and Refined Cooking Oil.....

About Chaitanya Solvex Pvt. Ltd.

Making Everyday Good

We are delighted to introduce ourselves as Asia’s most reliable Rice Bran Oil producing company. Hygiene and quality production process helps us to serve top-quality edible oil in the market. Our range including Refined Rice Bran Oil, 15 Ltr Refined Groundnuts Oil, Rice Bran Health Oil, 15 Ltr Refined Cooking Oil, etc., is receiving great response from markets all over the world because of its highest standard of quality. We embrace our role of a manufacturer and exporter with strong commitment to integrity. This makes our company appear a reliable choice to a huge number of clients in national and international markets. Our continuous efforts to provide quality edible oil helps users in leading a healthy life. 

Our Philosophy

The brand image rises when products are of unparalleled quality. Poor quality cannot help in building a brand image. Focusing on sourcing raw feed, performing quality production, supporting packaging perfection, adopting innovative research and development, promoting client support and survey, etc., we try our best to make our offered edible oil the finest in its segment. 

Constantly improving quality and keeping perfection at all production levels help us move in the direction of success. We retain our old and gain attention of new customers by ensuring complete satisfaction through high quality products, smooth business deals and quick order delivery. 

Our Expertise

Nurturing a healthy society is the primary goal of our reputed company. To achieve our goal, we put all our focus in bringing forth healthy, pure and quality assured rice bran oil. In order to attain supreme excellence in production, we employ high technology process of Winterization that helps in excellently getting rid of components with high melting point from solvents such as rice bran oils and vegetable oils. Cooling oil at the right temperature, segregation of impurities is done using special quality centrifugal separators and filters, thus attaining the purest form.

At A Glance Oil

Making oil from rice bran includes diverse in nature intense processes. Our company employs modern and improved manufacturing methods cutting down the utilization of chemical reagents, which assists in making product extremely healthier and pure. In our facility, primitive physical processes such as softening, separation, puffing and high intense physio-chemical procedures comprising deodorization and decolonization, etc., are performed with high level of perfection. 

Our History

We take pride in our history, which is a genuine reflection of our growth, success and popularity. Constantly enhancing quality of offered product line through excellent research and development, we are going towards future picturing more success and lasting customers loyalty for us. 

Have a look at our below cited some pivotal years in journey:

  • 1991: The processing plant was commenced having a capacity of around 60 tonnes.
  • 1995: In the production plant, capacity was enhanced to 100 tonnes.
  • 2001: An additional refinery got installed having capacity of around 25 tonnes to meet increasing demand of markets around the world.
  • 2005: Capacity got enhanced to 200 MT and refinery to around 50 MT.
  • 2013: To meet increasing demands of different markets, production plant capacity got enhanced to 300 tonnes and refinery capacity increased by 80 tonnes. 

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